Lookah Seahorse Coil III Ceramic Tube



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The Seahorse Coil Ⅲ is a ceramic tube 510 thread coil sold in a pack of three coils. It is only compatible with the Lookah Seahorse Max, Lookah Seahorse 2.0, Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus, and Lookah Seahorse X. It will not work on the first-generation Seahorse or Seahorse Pro dab pens.

These 510 thread coils are designed with a ceramic tube that has a honey straw-like shape, allowing for more contact surface and a larger airway, which produces voluminous clouds of vapor. The Seahorse Coil Ⅲ is perfect for cloud chasers and individuals looking for big rips as it produces more vapor than the other quartz or ceramic Seahorse coils.

To ensure the longevity of the quartz tip, it is recommended to fully burn off all concentrates from the tip after each dab. Leaving concentrates on the tip or inside the airways may harden and ruin or wear out the coil prematurely. It is advised not to clean the quartz or ceramic tip with a cleaning brush or any liquids/solvents as this can damage the tip. Additionally, dipping the coils into the concentrate can cause oversaturation of the coil, clogging, and decreased vaporization rate. It is best to slightly touch the edge of the tip on the coil to the concentrates instead of dipping it.

When using this Seahorse coil, it is best to heat it a little first so that it reaches a suitable temperature. It is also recommended to angle the tip at a 45-degree angle when bringing it into contact with the wax concentrate of your choice. As the hot tip melts the concentrate, inhale steadily for a full-bodied, flavorful vapor experience that will heighten your senses.

Each pack contains three coils with a resistance of 0.6 Ω.


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