Ooze Hot Knife Twist



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Concentrates are notoriously sticky and hard to work with. Plus, they’re expensive, so wasting even a tiny bit is super frustrating! That’s why we created the Hot Knife attachment; a 510 attachment that is a ceramic tip that heats up, making sticky wax slide right off the end, into your banger, without all the mess and residue. The Twist Hot Knife kit is our Hot Knife attachment plus a battery for the power source by Ooze.


  • The Twist Hot Knife kit includes an Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 vape battery, a Hot Knife attachment, and a type-C charging cord.
  • This is the Cosmic Chrome Twist Hot Knife.
  • The ceramic tip of the Hot Knife heats up quickly and is super smooth with a very thin edge.


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Ooze Hot Knife Twist

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