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Pax Water Pipe Adaptor/Connector for your Pax Vaporizers



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Seamless Integration with Your Device

Enhance your vaping experience with the PAX brand’s innovative accessory, designed to elevate the smoothness and quality of your sessions. This vaporizer accessory allows users to experience water-cooled vapor in an instant, ensuring a smoother, more enjoyable session every time.

Compatibility is key when it comes to accessories, and this vaporizer adaptor does not disappoint. It is compatible with all PAX vaporizers and Era vape pens, ensuring that no matter which device you own, you can enjoy the enhanced experience this adaptor provides. Simply insert your device into the adaptor and enjoy smoother, instantly water-cooled vapor.

Perfect Fit for Various Glass Sizes

Designed to fit 14 or 18mm glass, this adaptor ensures that you can utilize it with a variety of water pipes, providing you with the flexibility to use your preferred glassware without worry.

Quality You Can Trust

The PAX brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in the vaping industry. With a steadfast commitment to providing users with accessories and vaporizers that enhance their vaping experience, you can trust that each product, including this vaporizer adaptor, is designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Smooth, Water-Cooled Vapor Every Time

With a focus on ensuring every draw is smooth and enjoyable, this adaptor provides consistent water-cooled vapor, enhancing the quality and enjoyment of every session.

Easy to Use, Enhanced Experience

With easy-to-follow instructions and a design that prioritizes user-friendliness, this vaporizer accessory ensures that every user, whether new or experienced, can enhance their vaping sessions with ease. Simply insert your PAX device, and you’re ready to enjoy smoother, cooler vapor in moments.

Designed for All PAX Vaporizers and Era Vape Pens

Compatibility and flexibility are at the forefront of this adaptor’s design, ensuring that every PAX user can enhance their vaping experience.


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