Rocket Sprocket Grinder


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Classic 2-layer Grinder: Minimalism Meets Efficiency

Presenting the Classic 2-layer Grinder by, a testament to the beauty of simplicity combined with functionality. This grinder is not just about grinding; it’s about ensuring that every herb is finely grounded with minimal effort, making your vaping or smoking experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Simple Yet Effective Design

Embracing minimalism, the Classic 2-layer grinder boasts a straightforward 2-piece design. It’s the perfect tool for those who appreciate simplicity without compromising on performance.

Strong Magnetic Snap Lock

With a robust magnetic snap lock, this grinder ensures that your herbs remain securely inside, preventing any spillage and ensuring a consistent grind every time.

Compact and Portable

Its compact design makes it a perfect pocket grinder, ensuring you can grind your herbs on-the-go, wherever your adventures take you.

Choose the Classic 2-layer Grinder and experience the perfect blend of simplicity and efficiency in herb grinding.


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