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The Core 2.1 Glass Bubbler

BRAND: Shenzhen Crossing


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Core Side Mouthpiece Glass Bubbler

Shenzhen Crossing has once again raised the bar in the vaping industry with the introduction of the Core 2.1 eRig Side Mouthpiece Glass Bubbler. This innovative vaporizer accessory is designed to enhance your vaping sessions, providing an unmatched level of convenience, efficiency, and enjoyment.

Superior Construction for Enhanced Durability

This vaporizer accessory is crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring robustness and longevity. The material’s high resistance to thermal stress prevents cracking, offering a safer and more enjoyable vaping experience. Its transparent design allows you to witness the magic happening inside, adding an element of visual pleasure to your sessions.

Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Use

The Core Side Mouthpiece boasts an ergonomic design that sets it apart. The side mouthpiece provides a more natural and comfortable inhalation angle, reducing the strain on your neck and back, especially during extended sessions. This thoughtful design aspect signifies Shenzhen Crossing’s commitment to not only enhancing the vaping experience but also prioritizing user comfort.

Optimized Airflow for Richer Flavors

Experience a revolution in flavor and potency with this accessory’s advanced airflow technology. The improved bubbler percolation system ensures smoother, cooler, and denser vapor, maximizing the extraction of flavors and active compounds from your materials. Every draw you take is a testament to the premium experience that Shenzhen Crossing aims to provide.

Universal Compatibility for Ease of Use

One of the most user-friendly features of this vaporizer accessory is its universal compatibility with all Shenzhen Crossing E-Rigs. This versatility allows you to effortlessly switch between devices, ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience regardless of the rig you use.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the easy-to-clean nature of the borosilicate glass. Regular cleaning doesn’t just ensure a hygienic experience; it also preserves the rich flavors and aromas of your materials, making every session as good as the first.


  • Durable Borosilicate Glass for Core 2.1 and 1.0
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design
  • Enhanced Flavor Extraction
  • Universal Rig Compatibility
  • Effortless Maintenance
  • Optimized Airflow System


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