SLX Grinder BFG 3.5inch

Brand: SLX


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The BFG 3.5in, also known as the ‘BFG’ Grinder, is an extra-large herb grinder designed for those who require a larger capacity. With its 88mm / 3.5” size, it stands out as a giant in the world of grinders.

Comparison with SLX 2.4in Grinder

While both grinders are coated with a proprietary non-stick ceramic and are machined from 7075 Aerospace Grade aluminum, the BFG 3.5in offers a larger grinding capacity due to its size. The BFG 3.5in also features a lift-out screen, making it versatile and user-friendly. On the other hand, the SLX 2.4in version, though smaller, still offers the same quality grind and non-stick feature, making it suitable for those who don’t require as large a capacity.

Features of SLX Grinder BFG 3.5in

  • Non-Stick Ceramic Coating: Ensures smooth grinding without sticking.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from 7075 Aerospace Grade aluminum.
  • Lift-Out Screen: Provides versatility in grinding and collecting.
  • Large Size: At 88mm / 3.5”, it offers a larger grinding capacity.
  • 57 Shredding Teeth: Ensures even and efficient grinding.
  • FDA Approved: The ceramic coating is non-toxic and FDA approved.
  • Comfort Grip Design: Ergonomically efficient, especially for users with compromised grip strength.
  • Removable Sifter Screen: Allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.


The SLX Grinder BFG 3.5in is a premium product designed for those who need a larger grinding capacity without compromising on quality. Its features, such as the non-stick ceramic coating, high-quality material, and ergonomic design, make it stand out in the market. When compared to the 2.5in version, it offers a larger size but retains the same quality and efficiency.