XMax QOMO Black eRig for Concentrates with mini-bubbler



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The XMAX QOMO is a fast heating, simple, micro E-Rig that’s made for use with concentrates. The QOMO features a mini water bubbler, a ceramic cup chamber with three temperature settings, an LED light indicator, and a 1350mAh battery that charges via USB-C. The combination of the ceramic cup chamber and the water bubbler ensures that vapor is pure and cool at every draw.


  • Single Button Operation: This single button makes the QOMO easy to control. The button allows you to turn the device on, select your desired temperature and enter “pre-heat” mode.

  • Temperature Settings: The three temperature settings are indicated by colored LED lights- the temperatures are White:536°F/ Green:608°F/ Red:662°F


  • Glass Bubbler: Being able to use the QOMO with water, filters out ash, tar, and other impurities that might be inhaled. It also instantly cools down the vapor, which makes for smooth and fuller draws.
  • Easy Cleaning: All parts are removable for easy cleaning and storage.
  • USB-C Charging: The 1350mAh battery charges via USB-C and charges from zero in 2 hours.


  • Great for Beginners
  • Portable E-Rig
  • Ceramic Cup Coil
  • LED indicator
  • 3 Pre-set Temperatures


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XMax QOMO Black

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