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Yocan Cubex Coil Caps 5pcs



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    Yocan Cubex

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The Cubex Coil Caps are a set of five replacement coil caps designed specifically for the Yocan Cubex Vaporizer. By covering the Yocan Cubex TGT Coil, the Cubex Coil Caps offer several benefits that can enhance your vaping experience. One such benefit is temperature retention, which is crucial when consuming wax concentrates and essential oils. The Cubex Coil Caps help retain the temperature produced by the heating element, allowing for easy vaporization without overworking the coils. Additionally, using the coil caps can prolong the battery life of the vaporizer.

Another advantage of the Cubex Coil Caps is that they prevent unwanted spitbacks. Spitbacks occur when the heated or vaporized material bubbles up and spits hot substance, which can cause burns and potentially lead to infections. Moreover, spitbacks can make the vaporizer messy and damage its electrical components.

Therefore, it is important to keep the Cubex Coil Caps on at all times to avoid these issues and ensure a clean and long-lasting vaping experience. To purchase original and authentic Cubex Coil Caps, it is recommended to buy directly from Yocan Vaporizer.


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