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Yocan Red Slate Torch



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Yocan Red Slate Torch And Tray: A Practical Addition to Your Lighting Tools

The Yocan Red Slate Torch and Tray offers a unique combination of functionality and style. This product not only enhances your lighting tasks but also adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Designed for applications ranging from lighting candles and cigars to culinary uses, the Red Slate Torch and Tray is a versatile and essential tool for both indoor and outdoor needs.

Thermochromic Visual Appeal

Red Slate Torch features a thermochromic colorway that changes with heat. This mesmerizing visual display enhances the torch’s aesthetic appeal and serves as an indicator of temperature, making your lighting experience both safe and spectacular.

Integrated Tray and Torch Design

With its cleverly integrated tray, this torch provides a convenient resting place for the torch when not in use, ensuring your space remains organized and free from clutter. This design adds a layer of functionality that is perfect for maintaining a tidy environment.

Advanced Functional Features

Equipped with a windproof jet flame, adjustable flame settings, and a safety lock/ignition hold, the Yocan Red Slate Torch ensures a reliable and adjustable lighting experience. The butane refillable system not only offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable lighters but also features an 8-gram capacity for prolonged use and a tank level window for easy monitoring of fuel levels.

Comfort and Safety

The torch is designed with a heat-resistant silicone grip that provides a secure and comfortable hold, reducing fatigue during extended use. With an ultra-long flame length of 12 inches and a maximum temperature capability of 2500°F, the Yocan Red Slate Torch is capable of handling various lighting tasks efficiently and safely.

Add the Yocan Red Slate Torch and Tray to your collection today and enjoy a robust, safe, and stylish lighting tool that meets all your needs. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this torch and tray set stands out as a superior choice.


  • Thermochromic Color Change
  • Integrated Tray Design
  • Windproof Jet Flame
  • Adjustable Flame Control
  • Safety Lock Feature
  • Eco-Friendly Refillable
  • Large Butane Capacity
  • Visible Tank Window
  • Heat-Resistant Grip
  • Ultra-Long Flame Length
  • High Heat Red Flame


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