Yocan Wulf Orbit Vaporizer Wax Pen



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Yocan Wulf Orbit Vaporizer Pen

Introducing the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen, a groundbreaking innovation from the trusted brand, Yocan. This state-of-the-art vaporizer combines the best of dab rig technology in a compact, handheld device, ensuring an unparalleled vaping experience.

Next-Generation Battery

Powered by a robust 1700mAh battery, this vaporizer guarantees consistent performance throughout the day. With its advanced USB-C charging technology, users can enjoy faster charging times and longer vaping sessions without frequent recharges.

Revolutionary Quartz Technology

Experience the purity of flavors with the Orbit’s unique Quartz Cup atomizer. Paired with spinning quartz balls, this feature ensures even heat distribution, allowing for efficient and flavorful vaporization of your favorite wax concentrates.

Customizable Vaping Experience

With its variable voltage settings, the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen caters to every vaper’s preference. Whether you’re after flavorful wisps or potent clouds, this device offers three distinct temperature profiles to suit your taste.

Sturdy and Sleek Design

Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, the Yocan Orbit is not only durable but also lightweight. Its elegant design, combined with top-tier performance, makes it a must-have for both beginners and seasoned vapers.

Choose the Yocan Orbit Vaporizer Pen for a premium vaping experience without the premium price tag. Elevate your sessions and savor the purest flavors with this cutting-edge device.


  • Powerful 1700mAh Battery
  • Revolutionary Quartz Technology
  • 3 Variable Voltage Settings
  • Stainless-Steel Construction

In The Box

  • Wulf Mods Orbit Wax Vaporizer Kit
  • (2) Pick Tools
  • (1) Type C Charging Cable
  • (1) Hanging Ring
  • (1) Lanyard
  • Additional Quartz Balls
  • Additional Seal Rings


  • Warranty 30 Days
  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • Precise temp control No
  • Temp range 3 Levels
  • Heat up time 10 Seconds
  • Battery capacity 1700mAh


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