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Cloudious9, based in Hayward, California, where vaping cannabis is a trend right now, saw an opportunity to innovate. With the situation that there are so many neighboring competitors right now, they need to make a unique product that will make a name for their company. With that being said, they created their signature product: Hydrology9.

Hydrology9 is a uniquely-designed dry herb vaporizer. It’s made out of quality borosilicate glass, alloy, and has patented features that contribute to delivering a better vaping experience. Its features include a built-in water filtration system, an LED light show, and an integrated stirring tool that made tech-loving vapers like it.

This evidently shows that Cloudious9 is creative, innovative, and capable of making their vision come true. In fact, they made grinding herbs a fun and easier experience. Tectonic-9 is a fusion of a traditional grinder and an automatic dispensing grinder into one. They are the first ones who executed it perfectly. They also made a short and stealthy vape, with their latest vaporizer, Atomic-9. It’s one of the budget vapes today that features dual-layer heating technology and considered a revolutionary breakthrough from a traditional vaporizer.

Cloudious9 is the balance of creativity, technology, and execution. They surely made forward-thinking designs that revitalize the vaporizer industry today.


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