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Cloudious9 is known to release innovative and unique products such as the Tectonic9 which is a fusion of a traditional grinder and an automatic dispensing grinder, and Hydrology9 which has built-in water filtration.

Their latest flagship vape is the new Atomic9 which is another gamechanger with its patent-pending dual-layer heating technology. It is suitable for beginners and casual users who are not yet accustomed to paying for pricey dry herb vaporizers.

With Atomic 9, you get a new budget vape without compromising quality in vapor.


The Atomic9 is a lightweight and low profile portable dry herb vape. Available in black and gray, it does not draw too much attention. Thus, it is a short and stealthy vape. Being under four inches tall in size, it can discreetly fit the palm of your hand and can camouflage itself inside your pocket or purse.

Parts and their characteristics:

  • Body: It is durable for it is made of anodized aluminum alloy with a matte finish.
  • Mouthpiece: This magnetic, hinged top allows for easy loading and cleaning.
  • Interface: This includes a singular power button that operates all functions, an LED light indicator that reveals the status of the heating process at heating mode ( red light for when the ceramic chamber is heating up, and green light if the desired temperature has been reached), and a temperature indicator where you can choose from 5 preset temperatures ranging from 356° F to 428° F found at the opposite side of the slide.
  • Dry Herb Scooping Shovel: This patent-pending retractable chamber loading shovel slides in and out through the shovel sliding switch, making inserting dry herb hassle-free.
  • Cooling Chamber: This detachable, rapid vapor cooling chamber is responsible for shortening the airpath as well as producing a perfectly tempered and rich-tasting vapor.
  • Ceramic Heating Chamber: It maintains the temperature and heats up the herb from 30 – 45 seconds.
  • Residue Chamber: It is an area that makes residue buildup accessible and easy to dispose of. Hence, cleaning and maintenance is simple and fast.
  • Charging Port: It implies that the unit is rechargeable with the use of an adapter and charging cable.


Dual-Layer Heating Technology: It is a combination of the vapor consistency of convection heating with the space and energy efficiency of conduction heating. You get a hybrid heating process with this vaporizer.

In terms of heating efficiency, typically convection vapes have a large battery but with Atomic9 that’s no longer necessary. Because of this, it is considered a revolutionary breakthrough from traditional vaporizers while still producing rich and consistent vapor.

Temperature Presets: The Atomic9 has 5 preset temperature levels of 356° F, 374° F, 392° F, 410° F, and 428° F. Lower heat provides better flavor and less visible vapor, and a higher temperature provides stronger vapor. The levels also determine how fast the herb finishes heating up – with the lowest level (356° F) having a heat-up time of 30 seconds.

Battery: The Atomic9 uses a lithium-ion battery. Charging time lasts for 2 to 2 ½ hours which is good for 9 to 12 sessions of vaping use. To check the battery level, different colors signal the following:

  • Red – Low battery
  • Yellow – Half
  • Green – Full battery

How to use:

  1. Open the mouthpiece.
  2. Press side button to eject shovel.
  3. Scoop up the dry herb.
  4. Slide shovel back in.
  5. Close the mouthpiece.
  6. Turn it on by pressing the power button quickly three times.
  7. Dial your preferred temperature from the six temperature presets.
  8. Hold down the power button for three seconds to start heating.
  9. Inhale from the mouthpiece once LED light turns green.


  • Patent-pending dual-layer heating technology
  • 5 Temperature presets
  • Removable rapid vapor cooling chamber
  • Magnetic mouthpiece

In The Box

  • Cloudious9 Atomic9 vaporizer
  • AC adapter and charging cable
  • User manual


  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Heating method Hybrid
  • Oven capacity 0.4gr
  • Oven material Ceramic
  • Precise temp control Yes
  • Temp range 356-421°F
  • Heat up time 30 Seconds
  • Body material Aluminum
  • Mouthpiece material Plastic
  • Display type LCD
  • Smartphone app No
  • Vibration notifications No
  • Adjustable airflow No
  • Battery type Internal
  • Battery capacity 900mAh
  • Charge time 2-3 Hours
  • Charger type Micro-USB
  • Sessions per charge 6-9


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