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Core 2.1, Core 2.1 Coil and Mini Recycler Bundle

BRAND: Shenzhen Crossing

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Products included in this bundle

  • The Core 2.1 eRig

    The Core 2.1 eRig


  • The Core 2.1 3D Atomizer- 2 Pack

    The Core 2.1 3D Atomizer- 2 Pack


  • The Core 2.1 Mini Recyler

    The Core 2.1 Mini Recyler


Compatible Parts

  • The Core 2.1 Glass Bubbler

    The Core 2.1 Glass Bubbler


Frequently Purchased With

  • Terpometer



  • Yocan Wulf Razr

    Yocan Wulf Razr


Core 2.1, Core 2.1 Coil and Recycler (Core 2.1 Bundle)

The “Core 2.1 bundle” from Shenzhen Crossing combines the revolutionary Core 2.1 ERig Vape with its compatible Core 2.1 Coil, offering efficiency and superior performance. The ERig features a powerful 3150mAh battery and a one-button operation that simplifies usage for both novices and seasoned vapers. Its innovative non-rebuildable 3D atomizer ensures consistent vapor quality, reducing maintenance and enhancing the device’s lifespan. The accompanying Core 2.1 Coil, with its 3D heating element, promotes even heat distribution for a more flavorful and potent vapor experience. Constructed from ceramic and stainless steel, the coil produces a purer vapor and requires minimal upkeep. By purchasing the Core 2.1 bundle, customers enjoy a 10% discount, adding value to this premium, hassle-free vaping experience backed by Shenzhen Crossing’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Core 2.1 Erig

The Shenzhen Crossing Core 2.1 ERig Vape is described as a revolutionary advancement in vaping technology, delivering unmatched convenience, efficiency, and quality. The device features a non-rebuildable 3D atomizer that eliminates the need for rebuilding, which has traditionally been a tedious aspect of vaping. This new atomizer ensures consistent vapor quality, less maintenance, and a longer lifespan, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, the vape’s one-button functionality offers ease of use for both beginners and seasoned vapers. It is equipped with a powerful 3150mAh battery for longer usage between charges. Shenzhen Crossing’s commitment to quality ensures that investing in the Core 2.1 is investing in a reliable and premium vaping experience.

Core 2.1 Coil

The Core 2.1 3D Atomizer from Shenzhen Crossing is a notable advancement in vaping technology, enhancing convenience, efficiency, and performance. It features a unique 3D heating element that ensures even heat distribution for efficient vaporization, resulting in a flavorful and potent experience. The atomizer’s construction from ceramic and stainless steel also aids in delivering a pure vapor. Its non-rebuildable design minimizes maintenance, allowing users to focus more on enjoying their sessions. Shenzhen Crossing backs this product with a hassle-free warranty, underscoring its reliability and commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, the atomizer’s quick warm-up time and capacity for producing larger vapor volumes enhance the user experience, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.


Core 2.1 Mini Recycler


In The Box

Core 2.1

  • Core 2.1 Vaporizer
  • Core 2.1 3D Heating Element
  • Core 2.1 Cotton Swabs
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Replacement O-Rings
  • USB Cable (No Charger)
  • Carrying Case

The Core 2.1 3D Atomizer 2 Pack

The Core 2.1 Mini Recylcer


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