Focus V Aeris Charging Dock



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Charging Dock for

  • Focus V Aeris

    Focus V Aeris


Compatible Parts and Accessories

  • CARTA 2 and Aeris Oil Atomizer

    CARTA 2 and Aeris Oil Atomizer


  • Focus V Aeris Mouthpiece

    Focus V Aeris Mouthpiece


  • Focus V Saber Dab Tool

    Focus V Saber Dab Tool


  • Focus V Aeris Battery

    Focus V Aeris Battery


Other Accessories

  • Glob Mops 300pc (coil swabs)

    Glob Mops 300pc (coil swabs)


  • Stache DIGITÜL

    Stache DIGITÜL


Focus V Aeris Charging Dock

The AERIS Charging Dock by Focus V, a cutting-edge solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle and keep your AERIS Portable Smart Rig charged and ready for action. At a price point of $40.00, this wireless charging dock eliminates the hassle of cords, offering a clean, efficient, and convenient charging solution.

Wireless Convenience

The AERIS Charging Dock is meticulously crafted to provide wireless charging capability, allowing you to simply place your AERIS on the dock for an immediate power boost. This feature ensures your device is always charged without the need for direct cable connection, enhancing portability and ease of use.

Included Accessories

Your purchase includes the AERIS Dock itself and a USB-C Cable, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. Please note, the AERIS device is not included and must be purchased separately.

Seamless Integration

Designed with precision, the AERIS Charging Dock not only charges your device but also serves as an elegant accessory for your space. Its sleek design complements any environment, making it a perfect addition to your home or office.

Product Addons and Compatibility

Enhance your AERIS experience with compatible addons like the Focus V Dab Swabs – Travel Pack, ensuring your device remains clean and functional. The AERIS Charging Dock is a must-have for AERIS users seeking convenience, style, and efficiency in their charging routine.

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Focus V is committed to providing exceptional customer support. Should you need assistance or have any questions about your AERIS Charging Dock, our team is ready to help, ensuring a seamless and satisfying user experience.


  • Wireless Charging Convenience
  • Sleek, Elegant Design
  • Included USB-C Cable
  • Enhances Device Portability
  • Seamless Integration
  • Exceptional Customer Support


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