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Focus V Saber [Electronic Dab Tool with Interchangeable Tips]



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Focus V Vaporizers

  • Focus V Aeris

    Focus V Aeris

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  • Focus V CARTA 2

    Focus V CARTA 2


Parts and Accessories

  • CARTA 2 Carb Cap

    CARTA 2 Carb Cap


  • CARTA 2 Carry Case

    CARTA 2 Carry Case


  • CARTA 2 and Aeris Oil Atomizer

    CARTA 2 and Aeris Oil Atomizer


  • CARTA 2 Wireless Charger

    CARTA 2 Wireless Charger


  • FocusV Dry Herb Atomizer (Carta2/Aeris)

    FocusV Dry Herb Atomizer (Carta2/Aeris)


Other Accessories

  • Glob Mops 300pc (coil swabs)

    Glob Mops 300pc (coil swabs)


  • Stache DIGITÜL

    Stache DIGITÜL


Focus V Saber Electronic Dab Tool

SABER by Focus V, the innovative electronic dab tool designed to enhance your dabbing sessions. With its high-capacity battery, USB-C charging, and three power levels, SABER brings efficiency and customization to your fingertips. Experience the ease of interchangeable tips and the precision of the LED spotlight, making every session a breeze, even in low-light conditions.

Effortless Operation and Versatile Power Settings

Enjoy the simplicity of SABER’s one-button operation and choose between three power levels to suit your dabbing preferences. Whether you’re working with different materials or require varying heat intensities, SABER offers the flexibility you need.

Designed for Convenience and Style

SABER’s ergonomic design and discreet aesthetics are complemented by its durable construction, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go or at-home use. Its LED spotlight not only aids in precision but also adds an element of style to your dabbing experience.

Seamless Integration with CARTA 2

Pair SABER with CARTA 2 for the ultimate dabbing duo. Together, they bring the best of modern technology to your sessions, elevating your experience to new heights.

Why Choose SABER?

With SABER by Focus V, you’re not just choosing an electronic dab tool; you’re investing in a device that offers unparalleled control, convenience, and quality. Embrace the future of dabbing with SABER.


  • High-Capacity Battery
  • USB-C Quick Charging
  • LED Precision Spotlight
  • Three Power Levels
  • Interchangeable Tips
  • Ergonomic Design


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