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Fueled by advanced technology, the G Pen Dash is the latest addition to Grenco Science’s collection of vaporizers. G-Pen has released some of the most innovative products in the last year like the Roam and Connect extract vaporizers.

The Dash is their new generation of portable dry herb vapes. At $69 the Dash has outstanding value, with performance that is typical for higher-priced vapes. The Dash is a portable dry herb vape that is remarkable for its supreme functionality as well as its unsurpassed flavor and vapor.


Standing at 3.6 inches, this device fits just right at the palm of your hand or any small pocket. Its size is convenient for anyone who wants to vape while on-the-go. Even with its lightweight and ultra-discreet exterior, it can create powerful and flavorful vapor.

Here are the parts of G Pen Dash and their attributes:

  • Mouthpiece: It is magnetic so you can securely attach and detach it to the body for easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, it has an integrated airpath so you can inhale directly from the top of the unit.
  • Chamber opening: It is ergonomic and designed for easy loading and unloading of dry herb and the residue.
  • Heating Chamber: It is glass-glazed and made of stainless steel making it perfectly useful for cooking and heating up.
  • Body: It is built with aluminum-alloy which is why it is lightweight and durable for use. It also has haptic feedback which causes the unit to vibrate when it is done heating up.

Gpen Dash – New Colors Available


Temperature settings: It has three temperature settings indicated by LED lights in three different colors. The heat levels are as follows:

  • Blue: 375° F/ 190° C
  • Green: 401° F/ 205° C
  • Red: 428° F/ 220° C

Battery Life and Charging: It has an internal built-in 950 mAh battery with a pass-through charging capability via micro USB. Battery power percentage is indicated by the number of blinking LED lights. The charging port can be found at the bottom of the device. A blinking LED light represents charging. Once the LED lights stop blinking, it means that it is already fully charged.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece.
  2. Load finely grounded material into the chamber.
  3. Place back the mouthpiece.
  4. Press the button 5 times to start heating.
  5. Press the button 3 times to select the desired temperature:
    • Blue: 375° F/ 190° C
    • Green: 401° F/ 205° C
    • Red: 428° F/ 220° C
  6. Once it vibrates, draw from the mouthpiece.


  1. Remove the mouthpiece.
  2. Tap out vaporized material from the chamber.
  3. Detach the integrated airpath and screen within the mouthpiece by removing the silicone insert.
  4. Soak them in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes.
  5. Rinse with warm water.
  6. Let it dry.
  7. Reassemble again.


  • Glass Glazed heating chamber
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Ergonomic & sleek
  • Three preset temp levels

In The Box



  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Heating method Conduction
  • Oven capacity 0.4gr
  • Oven material Stainless Steel
  • Precise temp control No
  • Temp range 3 Levels
  • Heat up time 50 Seconds
  • Body material Aluminum
  • Display type LED
  • Battery type Internal
  • Battery capacity 950mAh


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