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G-Pen Micro+ Wax Pen, latest version with 510 Thread, USB-C charging port

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  • Compatible with Concentrates and 510 Carts
  • Discreet pen-style design
  • 510 cartridge recognition
  • Haptic feedback
  • USB-C charging


  • Compatible with Wax & Extract
  • Oven Cap 0.1gr
  • Oven Mat Ceramic
  • Temp Range 3 Levels
  • Heating Method Conduction
  • Heat up Time 5 Seconds
  • Body Material Medical Aluminum
  • Battery Type Internal
  • Battery Cap 850mAh
  • Included Coils Ceramic
  • 510 Thread Yes
  • Warranty 1 Year


US- based brand Grenco Science is well known for creating mid-range, stylish devices suited for any lifestyle. They’re the creators of the G-Pen Roam and the e-rig G-Pen Connect. The G-Pen Micro+ and is a concentrate vaporizer with a 510 thread. The Micro+ is comprised of three main pieces-  the mouthpiece, Micro+ tank, and the 850mAH battery with 510 threading.


  • Discreet design: The G-Pen Micro+ sports a sleek, black, pen-shaped body that’s well suited for on-the-go use.
  • Food grade silicone mouthpiece: The silicone mouthpiece and ceramic air path are both neutral materials that keep vapor pure and flavorful.
  • 510 Cartridge recognition: The Micro+ automatically recognizes when you swap out the tank for a cartridge and adjusts the temperature controls accordingly.
  • Single-button interface: Using the Micro+ is pretty easy since there’s only one button that controls the whole device. This button is used to turn the device on/off and cycle through the voltage settings.
  • Variable Voltage: The device has two separate settings for concentrate or 510 cartridge use. For use with carts, the temperatures are: blue:2.5v, green: 2.7v, red: 3.0v. For use with the Micro+ tank: low (blue), med (green), high (red).
  • Haptic Feedback: The device vibrates lightly to indicate that it has reached your desired temperature.
  • 50mAH battery: The Micro+ is powered by an 850mAH battery which charges in 90 minutes via USB-C. It also features pass-through charging, meaning the device can be used while it’s plugged in.

The Micro+ Tank

The Micro+ tank has quartz coils for maximizing the flavor of your concentrate and ceramic lining for consistent heat application.


In the box

  • Micro+ Battery (Variable Voltage + 510 Threading)
  • Micro+ Tank
  • Mouthpiece Assembly (Silicone Mouthpiece + Tank Cover)
  • Keychain Tool
  • Usb To Usb-c Charging Cable
  • Hemp Travel Case

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Micro+ 510 threaded? Yes, it is. The G-Pen Micro+ is 510 threaded and can be used with a cartridge with the same standard threading. The Micro+ also features 510 cartridge recognition technology, which distinguishes between cartridges and the Micro+ tank.
  • How long does the Micro+ battery last? The 850mAH battery is good for roughly 90 minutes of use and makes up the bulk of the device. It is rechargeable via USB-C.
  • What is the Micro+ tank? The Micro+ Tank is built to provide consistent heat application, optimal flavor profiles on every heat setting, and balanced airflow for maximum vapor production.
  • How to use the Micro+? Load a tiny amount of extract and unlock the device by clicking the button 5 times. To cycle through the pre-set temperatures – triple click the same button. You can either select manual heating by clicking and holding the button or activate automatic heating by clicking twice. Automatic heating keeps the device active for 10 seconds.

3 reviews for G-Pen Micro+

  1. NoahR

    Super worth it love mine for the price point. Super terpy

  2. Shummy013

    Thanks. Found this after just searching for name and so glad I clicked it.
    I was debating on what new vape accessory to get and this review made my final decision. Thanks for providing solid info showing me how to disassemble and then assemble it again depending on what I’m using it on. Thanks!

  3. LtSerge

    Was stuck between this and puffco plus this review helped me chose gpen ty. Ordered the yellow one with code.

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