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Pax Plus, Pax Grinder, Puck Press (Pax Plus Bundle)


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Products included in this bundle

  • Pax Plus

    Pax Plus

    Original price was: $199.95.Current price is: $189.95.

  • Pax Grinder 3pc 2.5″

    Pax Grinder 3pc 2.5″


  • Pax Puck Press

    Pax Puck Press


Frequently Purchased With

  • Pax Raised Mouthpiece

    Pax Raised Mouthpiece


  • Pax Flat Mouthpiece

    Pax Flat Mouthpiece


  • Pax 3D Oven Screens

    Pax 3D Oven Screens


  • Pax Basic Maintenance Kit

    Pax Basic Maintenance Kit


  • Pax Charging Tray

    Pax Charging Tray


  • Pax Grip Sleeve

    Pax Grip Sleeve


  • Pax Prep Tongs

    Pax Prep Tongs


  • Pax Prep Tray

    Pax Prep Tray


  • Pax Rounded Multi-Tool

    Pax Rounded Multi-Tool


  • Pax Smell Proof Bag

    Pax Smell Proof Bag


  • Pax Stash Tube

    Pax Stash Tube


  • Pax Water Pipe Adaptor

    Pax Water Pipe Adaptor


  • BigFun Medium Grinders

    BigFun Medium Grinders


  • SLX Grinder 2.4inch

    SLX Grinder 2.4inch

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Pax Plus, Pax Grinder, Puck Press (Pax Plus Bundle)

The Pax Plus Bundle combines the Pax Plus vaporizer with the Pax Puck Press and Pax Grinder, providing an integrated and premium solution for both dry herb and wax users. The Pax Plus, the latest flagship portable vaporizer from Pax, maintains a minimalistic aesthetic and features a stainless steel oven capable of holding various material quantities. Its unique experience modes like Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost, along with haptic feedback, ensure customizable and satisfying sessions.

The Pax Puck Press, an innovative accessory designed for the Pax Plus, enhances the precision and consistency of packing sessions. Users can create densely packed pucks of ground material, optimizing the use and enhancing vapor production through even heating. The press’s magnetic attachment ensures it integrates seamlessly with the Pax Plus.

Completing the bundle, the Pax Grinder, made from heavy-duty aluminum, offers durability and a sophisticated grinding experience with its threadless magnetic closure and ergonomic design for easy use and even grinds.

Together, the Pax Plus Bundle delivers a cohesive, efficient, and elegant vaping experience, ensuring users have high-quality tools for each step of their session, from grinding and packing to vaping.

Pax Plus

The Pax Plus is the latest flagship portable vaporizer from Pax, designed for use with both dry herbs and wax. It maintains the brand’s signature minimalistic aesthetics and is built on the same platform as the Pax 3. The device is 4 inches tall with a rounded rectangular shape, featuring a brushed matte aluminum shell for an elegant look, similar to Apple products. It lacks visible buttons, using four petal-like LEDs and a magnetic charger connector instead.

Key components included in the box are various mouthpieces, full and half-oven lids, a concentrate insert, a multi-tool, a wire brush, a magnetic USB charger, and replacement 3D screens. The stainless steel oven at the bottom of the device can hold up to a half-gram of material, or a quarter-gram with a half oven lid.

The Pax Plus offers unique experience modes such as Stealth, Efficiency, Flavor, and Boost to customize vaping sessions, and it features haptic feedback to indicate readiness. With a magnetic charging dock, it provides up to two hours of session time. Usage involves detaching the mouthpiece, filling the oven with the desired material, selecting a mode, and inhaling the vapor.

Pax Puck Press

The PAX Puck Press is an innovative vaporizer accessory designed to enhance precision and consistency in packing sessions. It allows users to create their own densely packed pucks from ground material, optimizing the use of the material and tailoring sessions to individual preferences. The operation of the Puck Press is straightforward: fill it with ground material and press down the plunger to the desired size, indicated by ‘half’ or ‘full’ puck markings.

The device features a magnetic attachment for easy and stable use with a PAX vaporizer, clicking securely into place. Constructed for durability, the Puck Press promises long-lasting performance with consistent results. It complements the PAX device by ensuring even heating and optimal vapor production, enhancing the overall experience by making each session more efficient and enjoyable.

Pax Grinder

The Pax Grinder is a sophisticated, high-functionality tool designed for dry herb enthusiasts. Crafted from heavy-duty aluminum, it offers durability while remaining lightweight. Its threadless magnetic closure provides elegance and ensures smooth operation. This 3-piece grinder features an ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip and promotes a medium, even grind, enhancing the burning efficiency of herbs in a joint, bowl, or vaporizer.

In The Box

Pax Plus

  • Flat & Raised Mouthpieces
  • Standard & Half-Pack Oven Lids
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Multi-Tool
  • Maintenance Kit
  • USB Charger

Pax Grinder

Pax Puck Press


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