Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber- upgrade your Peak Pro with a larger, stronger chamber



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Heating Element for

  • Puffco New Peak Pro

    Puffco New Peak Pro


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  • Peak Pro Power Dock

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  • Peak Pro Travel Kit

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  • Puffco Peak Pro Joystick Cap

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  • Glob Mops 300pc (coil swabs)

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The 3D XL Chamber for the Peak Pro is a revolutionary product in the vaping industry. Here’s a quick snapshot of its primary details:

  • Product: 3D XL Chamber for the Peak Pro
  • Price: $125 (from the video) and $179.99 (from Canadian Vaporizers)
  • Purpose: Heating element for the Peak Pro vaporizer

Features & Benefits

When it comes to the unique selling points and advantages of the 3D XL Chamber, several features stand out, making it a sought-after accessory for vaping enthusiasts:

  • Size: 78% larger bowl compared to the regular 3D chamber
  • Vapor Production: Produces 2x more vapor
  • Design: Deeper chamber and XL Joystick
  • Technology: Patented 3D technology for flavor and consistency
  • Puffco Connect App: Allows users to control their vapor experience
  • Airflow Improvements: Enables fast, intense inhales
  • Maintenance: Less oil or reclaim enters the airpath, resulting in less maintenance and residue accumulation
  • Joystick Carb Cap: Included with the 3D XL chamber; has a longer stem for the deeper bowl
  • Coil Design: Thicker and more robust coil in the larger chamber

Historical Context

To appreciate the evolution of the Peak Pro and its chambers, it’s essential to understand its journey over the years:

  • The “old” Peak Pro sold until mid-2023 did not include the 3D chamber.
  • The 3D chamber was introduced at the end of 2021 with embedded coils in the chamber walls.
  • The new Peak Pro released in mid-2023 includes the 3D chamber.
Feature/Aspect Regular 3D Chamber 3D XL Chamber
Size Standard size 78% larger bowl (deeper)
Vapor Production Standard vapor production 2x more vapor
Design Regular depth and joystick Deeper chamber and XL Joystick
Embedded Coils Coils in the chamber walls Thicker and beefier coils
Airflow Standard airflow Improved airflow for intense inhales
Maintenance Regular maintenance required Less frequent due to reduced oil/reclaim
Joystick Carb Cap Standard stem length Longer stem for the deeper bowl
Vapor Production Mode in App Standard mode New mode for thicker clouds
Price $80 (as an upgrade to the $400 Peak Pro) $125 (video) / $179.99 (Canadian Vaporizers)
Recommendation for Users Suitable for average users and solo vapers Recommended for heavy users and group vapers

Performance & Experience

  • Vapor Quality: Real-time temperature control ensures fresh-tasting vapor even on the highest setting.
  • Vapor Production Mode: The XL Chamber unlocks a new mode in the app for thicker clouds.
  • Comparison: The Peak Pro stands out for its flavor and vapor quality compared to other rigs.


  • For Heavy Users: If you frequently use the Peak Pro, do big dabs, or share bowls, the larger chamber is recommended.
  • For Average Users: The regular 3D chamber is sufficient for most users.
  • Cost Consideration: For over 90% of users, it’s suggested to save the money and stick with the regular 3D chamber.



  • Larger capacity for extended, uninterrupted sessions.
  • Unique 3D design for optimal heat distribution.
  • Perfectly compatible with Puffco Peak Pro.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability.
  • Easy installation and usage.


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