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Utillian 5 (V3) + Coils + Bubbler Bundle


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Products included in this bundle

  • Utillian 5 V3

    Utillian 5 V3

    Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $89.99.

  • Utillian 5 Coils (2pk)

    Utillian 5 Coils (2pk)


  • Utillian Glass Bubbler

    Utillian Glass Bubbler


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Utillian 5 V3 + Coils + Bubbler (Utillian 5 Bundle)

The Utillian 5 Bundle includes the Utillian 5 vape pen, which features interchangeable Triple Titanium and Twisted Kanthal coils, adjustable airflow, and a redesigned black ceramic mouthpiece with a built-in splash guard and loading tool—ideal for producing large vapor clouds. The pen is portable, discreet, and built from durable stainless steel with a matte finish, available in various metallic colors. It operates with a 1500 mAH battery that supports nearly 3 days of use per charge and offers variable voltage settings.

Additionally, the bundle features replacement Twisted Kanthal Utillian 5 coils, suited for larger loads up to 0.3g, and a Utillian 5 glass bubbler attachment compatible with several Utillian models, including the 5. The bubbler enhances the vaping process by cooling the vapor through water filtration, removing impurities, and improving the flavor and smoothness of the vapor. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the bubbler ensure optimal performance and hygiene. This comprehensive bundle provides a customizable and satisfying vaping experience with easy operation and extended functionality.

Utillian 5 V3

The Utillian 5 concentrate pen is known for its excellent price-performance ratio, featuring interchangeable Triple Titanium and Twisted Kanthal coils, adjustable airflow, and a redesigned black ceramic mouthpiece with a built-in splash guard and loading tool, all designed for producing large vapor clouds. It is portable, discreet, slightly larger than typical vape pens, and made from stainless steel with a matte finish in various metallic colors. Key features include a 1500 mAH battery lasting nearly 3 days per charge, variable voltage settings for different vapor preferences, and simple one-button operation. Additional accessories like a glass bubbler and replacement coils are available, enhancing the user experience. The device is easy to use: change coils as needed, load material directly onto the coils, adjust airflow, select the voltage, and inhale after heating.

Utillian 5 Coils

These replacement coils were made for the Utillian 5 V3  come in a pack of 2 pieces. These are the Twisted Kanthal (for larger loads of up to 0.3g).

Note: Coils should be replaced periodically when performance or vapor quality begins to degrade.

Utillian 5 Glass Bubbler

The Utillian Glass Bubbler, compatible with various Utillian dry herb vaporizers and concentrate pens, enhances the vaping experience by cooling and cleaning the vapor through water filtration. This process removes impurities and allows for a purer taste of the vapor’s flavors without irritation. The models compatible with this accessory include the Utillian 5, 2, 421, 620, and 420. Cleaning the bubbler involves removing silicone rings, soaking it in hot soapy water for 30 minutes, then brushing lightly and rinsing.


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