Zeus Bolt XL Grinder

Brand: Zeus


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Zeus provides cutting-edge products like vaporizers, accessories, and grinders. They know that in order to reach a whole new level of satisfaction, you’ll need the best instrument in your arsenal.

The Zeus Bolt XL is their newest grinder that is calibrated to hold large amounts of herbs and grind it consistently without any hassle. It also has a smaller version which is the Zeus Bolt 2. It’s a more pocket-friendly grinder that gives the same level of satisfaction.


This matte black, enormous grinder is created from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that’s light and portable but strong enough to last a lifetime. The Zeus Bolt XL has the following features:

  • Grinder: It’s a four-piece grinder with 3 chambers. Each part serves to filter and separate your ground herbs. It is 5.7cm tall and 7cm wide that’s capable for long and large vaporizing sessions.
  • Diamond-Cut Teeth: It is calibrated to grind the herbs with superior power and consistency.
  • Lid: It has a strong magnetic lid that prevents accidental spillage whenever it’s in your bag.
  • Mesh Screen: The stainless steel mesh screen connects the center chamber to the bottom chamber and also catches botanical dust for future use.
  • Scoop: The Zeus Bolt XL features an additional accessory that allows for easier loading of the herbs.


How to Use

To use the Zeus Bolt XL you need to:

  1. Open the Grinder.
  2. Place the herb and close the grinder.
  3. Twist the top back and forth to grind the herb.
  4. Detach the top two pieces from the bottom pieces to obtain the herb.
  5. Load the herb into your vaporizer.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You need to clean the Zeus Bolt XL from time to time. Here are the steps to clean it:

  1. Empty the remains from the grinder.
  2. Disassemble the 4 pieces of the grinder.
  3. Soak them into isopropyl alcohol for 30 minutes.
  4. Use Bristle pipe cleaners to further remove any residue.
  5. Rinse with hot water and make sure they are completely dry before putting back together.

Who’s It For?

The Zeus Bolt XL is for anyone who is looking for a grinder that’s capable of holding large amounts of herbs and grinds it with consistency. It’s perfect for any desktop or portable vaporizer.