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The Solo 2 retails for $169, and the Solo 3 retails for $344. Available coupons:

While the two look similar at first glance, not a lot about them is the same. The Solo 3 features substantial “under the hood” improvements that make it one of the best dry herb vaporizers available.

Here is a breakdown of the similarities and differences between the Solo 3 and the Solo 2, in this case, the “MAX” version. I also have the Air MAX, which is basically a smaller version of the Solo 2 MAX with a less powerful battery. 

The visual differences

The Solo 3 is larger than the Solo 2. It is around half an inch taller and is slightly wider. The two have the same form factor, and the elements, such as the buttons and chamber, are located in the same places. The buttons and the screen are larger, and it has a shiner finish when compared to the matte Solo 2. 

New XL Stems

The Solo 3 uses the same glass stem loading system as the Solo 2. It’s an iconic design that every Arizer user is familiar with. The Solo 3 adds a new XL stem that fits double the herb of the “regular” sized one. 

The oven is also deeper in order to fit and accommodate this XL stem. The stems are cross-compatible between devices as far as width is concerned, but the Solo 2 is not deep enough to work properly with XL stems. A lot of the herb sits where the seal is and is getting sub-optimal heating. This means you’re wasting herb, and the extraction is inefficient. 

This is a huge upgrade over the Solo 2. More herb means more flavor and more potency. Arizer includes four stems in the kit, two for direct inhalation and two frosted mouthpices to use with a bubbler. Each version comes with a regular and XL size stem. 

On-demand mode 

The second major upgrade of the Solo 3 is the addition of an on-demand mode.

Until now, all Arizers have been session vapes, meaning they reach the set temp, stay there for 10 minutes, and you can inhale as much as you’d like. The heat stays active so there is no need to wait for it to warm up before each inhale, it is ready to go during the entire ten minutes. At the end of the session, the herb is finished and needs to be discarded. You can’t split one bowl into two sessions. Or, you can, but the flavor and potency will be substantially degraded, so it’s not recommended. 

The Solo 3 introduces a new on-demand mode in addition to the good old session mode, which only activates heat when you inhale. Once I select the mode, I’ll click the button to start the heat-up process, as indicated by the orange progress bar. Once I hear the beep, it’s time to draw. By default, the draw duration is ten seconds, but it can be customized between 5 and 25 seconds. When the draw timer is done, heat is no longer applied. So, each inhale is a “mini-session,” and you can split one bowl into multiple sessions. 

On-demand mode is great if you’d like to micro-dose and just take one or two quick hits without wasting an entire bowl. Or, on the other hand, you can crank it up and down an entire stem with one hit. Having the two modes on the same device is an amazing feat, and in my opinion, this is the first time that it’s been done right. With all due respect to the Tinymight 2 and the Roffu. 

Improved heating element

In addition to being larger, the heating chamber has also been improved. It is a hybrid heating system that uses 80% convection and 20% conduction, similar to the Solo 2. It has a Ceramic heating unit under the stainless steel bowl. 

Improved display 

The display is another major area of improvement. The new screen is larger and uses a color display that is sharp and crisp. The new screen makes the Solo 2 look like it was released in the 80s. 

Charging & battery

The battery life stayed top-in-class. I was able to get an avarage of 9-12 sessioin on a single charge which is similar to the Solo 2. Not a lot of portables have such long battery life, the only vape that comes close is the Venty. 

The Solo 3 uses a USB-C charger, which is the same as the Solo 2 MAX and the Air MAX, but it is a massive upgrade over the Solo 2’s DC charger. 

Performance & vapor quality 

The Solo 3 keeps the same amazing flavor and vapor quality we’ve come to expect from an Arizer vape, but the larger XL stems supercharge that flavor. As I mentioned, more herbs equals more flavor. The essence of Arizer’s glass stem system is to keep a clean vapor path. Only glass touches the herb, which keeps the flavor pure and aromatic.  

Pricing and value

The Solo 3 retails for $344, which is available in our store! Buy now

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