Pricing & Coupon codes

The Tinymight 2 retails for $350, and the Solo 3 retails for $344.

Arizer coupons:

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Tinymight 2:

  • Tinymight 2 is available on POTV

Design and Portability

The TM2 is smaller than the Solo 3, and it has a similar usage process where the herb is loaded into a glass stem. The stem is contained inside the body of the TM2, unlike the Arizer, which completely sticks out. 

Stem Style

The TM2 uses a stem that has a cooling unit, while the Arizer uses only glass. This makes the Solo 3 easier to clean as well, as you don’t have a cooling unit to mess with. 

Interface Display

The Tinymight 2 has no screen or display, and the temperature selection is done by a dial at the bottom of the device. The Arizer has a multi-color screen and offers a lot more customization options. 

Bottom Line

The TM2 is a great device but doesn’t have the right price-to-performance ratio to become mainstream.  

The On-demand performance of the Solo 3 is better, in my opinion, and also more consistent and easier to master. It just doesn’t have the learning curve that the TM2 has. 

As far as hit intensity, the TM2 might be a slightly heavier hitter. To be honest, I’m not one of those who cranks vapes up to the max temps and is looking to rip the hell out of each bowl. I’m more of a chilled, slow user, so I typically vape on session mode, around 380°F, while working, playing, or watching.

The TM2 has a great hit, for sure, but for 99% of people, the Solo 3 is the better choice imo. If you use the small stem on the highest on-demand setting, it’ll rip just as well as the TM2. 

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