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AirVape, based in Los Angeles, California, started its journey way back in 2013. It’s when some of the co-founders of a former wholesale brand, Vaporize101, decided to make a name of their own. The first AirVape model was released in 2015 and later, AirVape X hit the market.

The company is committed to never stop innovating, same as their product, AirVape X never stopped evolving. AirVape X is a pocket-friendly discreet vaporizer with outstanding performance. It uses a combination of conduction and convection technology which hits the heating time within a few seconds. With its heating capability, it’s also compatible with concentrates.

Apollo also made an extra-small vaporizer like AirVape XS Go. A stylish two-toned vaporizer that uses both convection and conduction heating technology. It’s an ultra-portable dry herb vaporizer, ergonomically designed to perfectly fit on the palm of your hand. AirVape products may be small but never underestimate their performance level.


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