The Power Dock is only compatible with Puffco Peak Pro. It’s one of the must-have accessories that hold the Puffco Peak Pro in place while charging it wirelessly. The whole Dock can be charged and used as a power bank to charge the Peak Pro as needed.


  • Charging Capabilities: The Power Dock will take up to 3 hours to be fully charged. Once it is fully charged you can charge the Peak Pro in two ways:
    • Wirelessly- If you charge the Peak wirelessly, it can fully charge the Peak Pro before needing to recharge again.
    • Directly- if you connect the Power Dock directly to the Peak Pro via its proprietary charging cable, it can fully charge it two times.
  • USB Ports – The power dock has two USB ports: The one is for charging the Power Dock itself and the other one, is used for other USB devices.
  • Ready Mode – This can be activated by using the smartphone app. This allows you to pick up your Peak Pro off the ‘dock’ and heat up to your favorite temperature without clicking a single button.