Stache RiO eRig

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Since 2015, Stache has been designing and creating products that make the vaping experience more refined. In 2018, they released the breakthrough RiO – which stands for Rig in One.

At its core, The RiO is a traditional concentrate setup – uniquely designed with a 3D printed non-slip resin base,  borosilicate glass micro rig bubbler with a 14mm female perc, a built-in torch with a large butane storage tank in the base, a 14mm male quartz banger, a glass carb cab. It’s a lot of pieces, but it all safely fits into the zip-up case with foam cutouts.


  • Cold- Start Portable: The RiO is what is called a “cold-start” portable concentrate rig. This means that it is designed to have your chosen concentrate loaded onto the banger, before heating.
  • Built in-torch: While it may not be battery-operated, the torch on the RiO is built right into the device, and nestled below the banger. Since the torch heats to a consistent temperature, each session is more or less the same experience.
  • Borosilicate Glass Pieces: The bubbler, banger, and carb cap are all made of strong, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Glass is a neutral material that preserves the purity and flavor of the vapor – meaning you get to savor all the terpenes and favors in your concentrate.
  • Water Filtration: Being able to pass vapor through water rids it of all impurities and cools it down further. The RiO’s kit also comes with perfectly fitted plugs to secure the water in the bubbler even while on the go.
  • Simple and Intuitive Usage: Operating the RiO is incredibly easy – simply load a rice grain-sized material onto the banger, turn on the torch and wait for the material to bubble and then release vapor – and draw.



Vaporizer NameStache RiO eRig
Warranty1 Year
Compatible WithArray
Heating MethodManual
Heat Up Time15 Seconds
Precise Temp ControlYes
Temp Range500-540°F
Oven MaterialQuartz