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Dr Dabber Stella Wax Pen



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Dr. Dabber is committed to creating vaporizers that have a balance of convenience and effectiveness. They embark on a journey of providing the ultimate vaporizing experience for their customers. An experience that minimizes health risks without sacrificing enjoyment or flavor. With their journey, they created award-winning products like the Switch and the Boost.

The Stella is their newest vape pen designed and engineered to be the next-generation portable concentrate vaporizer. It features major improvement from their previous success, Dr. Dabber Aurora. Much like Aurora, Stella aims to set the new standard of premium vape pens.


Dr Dabber Stella is a concentrate pen packed with their signature black stainless steel body. It’s portable and stealthy and aside from that there are features worth mentioning:

  • Floating Vapor Chamber: You can use the Stella for a longer session because of this feature. Stella is designed to perform at its optimal temperature without affecting the body of the device.
  • Vortex Airflow Technology: Instead of having vapors run in a single path, Stella makes the vapor travel a spiral direction to dissipate the heat resulting in a cooler and harsh-free vapor.
  • Temperature Coefficient Resistance: The Stella is capable of adjusting the voltages based on the desired temperature. It prevents dry or burnt hits and also preserves coil and wick life.
  • Temp. Settings: The Stella features three heat options that range from 460°F-775°F that has a pre-heat function that conserves the battery life.
  • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece has a built-in airflow regulator to reduce the splashing of concentrates during vaping.
  • Bowl: It’s made out of Alumina Ceramic which is one of today’s most advanced ceramic materials widely used for electronics and automotive sensors. It’s more durable and produces more potent and flavorful vapor compared to the average ceramic heating material.
  • One Button Operated: The Stella is a simple device that has a single button to turn/off the device and cycle through different temperature presets.
  • Pass-Through Charging: The Stella is the first Dr Dabbler’s vape pen that supports pass-through charging. It means you can use the device while it’s charging.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Dr Dabber Stella is a premium vape pen that is capable of producing cool and flavorful vapor at any temperature settings. It heats up pretty fast and evenly while the body stays cool all the time. The mouthpiece and the vortex-like airflow helps with cooling down the vapor as you inhale making each hit a wonderful and satisfying experience.

Who’s It For?

Stella is a portable and stealthy vaporizer that has some great innovations under its hood. It’s a next-generation vape pen that produces strong and high-quality vapor. It is recommended for both beginners and advanced vapers who are looking to enjoy vaping concentrates.


  • Temperature Coefficient Resistance
  • Vortex Airflow Technology
  • 3 Heat Settings
  • One-Button Operation

In The Box

  • 1x Stella Vaporizer
  • 1x Loading Tool
  • 1x USB-C Charger
  • 1x Instruction Manual


  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Compatible with Concentrates
  • Oven capacity 0.1gr
  • Coil type Ceramic Bowl
  • 510 thread No
  • Precise temp control No
  • Temp range 4 Levels
  • Heat up time 10 Seconds
  • Body material Stainless Steel
  • Mouthpiece material Metal
  • Smartphone app No
  • Vibration notifications No
  • Adjustable airflow No
  • Battery type Internal
  • Battery capacity 600mAh
  • Charge time 2-3 Hours
  • Charger type Micro-USB
  • Sessions per charge 6-9


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