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Storz & Bickel has a long history, it all started way back in 1996, when Markus Storz started to think of how to develop a herbal vaporizer. Years have passed, the first Volcano vaporizer entered the market in 2000. Two years after that, Jürgen Bickel joined as a partner, and Storz & Bickel was born.

The German Town of Tuttlingen is believed to be the center of medical technology. It has over 500 medical device manufacturers and supplies half of the world’s medical equipment. Medical devices need to be precisely engineered and carefully manufactured—this is what influenced Storz & Bickel. Vaporizers need to be precise, to be accurate to give the best vaporizer experience.

Volcano Classic, their very first vaporizer, persisted all the way to the present and now innovated into Volcano Hybrid. They got the design right the first time around. Even Mighty and Crafty+ are believed to be the best weed vaporizers in the industry. Storz & Bickel also makes unique vaporizers such as Plenty, a dry herb vaporizer that is somewhere between a desktop vaporizer and a handheld vaporizer.

They were also the first company to use Bluetooth integration in their vaporizers—this practice is everywhere in the vaping world. Their innovation and expertise go beyond just designing vaporizers, it’s the passion that makes them a leading vaporizer company today.

Storz & Bickel

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