The Proxy by Puffco is a unique modular vape system, versatile enough to handle various extracts like wax, dabs, shatter, or crumble. While delivery from the Puffco website can be slow, Vape-Smart.com offers faster shipping for the Proxy and its accessories.

Design & Innovation

The Proxy’s design is a departure from traditional vapes. Resembling an old-school Sherlock pipe, it’s ergonomic, stable on a table, and aesthetically pleasing. Its modular design involves a glass body and an electric base. The glass functions as a large mouthpiece, transitioning from black to clear, while the base houses the battery and heating elements. This design allows for customizable glass bodies from Puffco or third parties, making the Proxy highly versatile and adaptable.

Heating Element & Usage

The Proxy features Puffco’s advanced 3D ceramic coil, which heats extracts evenly from all sides, ensuring consistent and efficient vapor production.

Vapor Quality

The Proxy delivers creamy, flavorful vapor. Its large mouthpiece and design allow the vapor to cool efficiently, offering a smooth experience.

Potential Improvements

The Proxy’s compact design results in a smaller battery, averaging 5-6 sessions per charge with a 60-minute recharge time. While the case is high-end, a smaller, more portable option would be beneficial for everyday carry.

Flower Bowl

Accessories & Maintenance

The Bub water bubbler is a stunner and perfect for high-temp hits. The flower bowl and travel pack add versatility and convenience, making the Proxy a solid all-rounder. And don’t forget to swab after sessions to keep that coil pristine.

  • The Bub Water Bubbler: Enhances vapor cooling, especially at high temperatures.
  • The Flower Bowl: An attachment for traditional dry herb use.
  • The Travel Pack: Includes a silicone backpack, mouthpiece tip, carb cap, and storage space.
  • The Dual Tool: A convenient tool for loading wax and cleaning the oven.

Bottom Line

Puffco’s Proxy is an innovative, versatile wax vaporizer. Its modular design is user-friendly and allows for extensive customization. The Proxy’s efficient heating and excellent vapor quality make it a standout product in the wax vape market.