Tronian has recently introduced the Omegatron, a concentrate vapor cup, joining the rapidly expanding vapor cup category in concentrate vaporizers. Priced competitively at $150, the Omegatron is the most affordable vapor cup I’ve reviewed, priced at just $135 with the discount.

Usage & Features

The Omegatron kit includes the vaporizer, two coils (glass core and triple helix), a wax tool, a cover for the heating element, and a charging cable. Designed for both dabs and 510 cartridges, the device is straightforward to use. Installation involves screwing in the cartridge or coil, adding hash to the coil if used, covering it, and then placing the black cover and glass on top. Powering the device and choosing from four voltage presets is done via the button at the bottom.


The operation is as simple as pressing down the glass to activate the pump, quickly filling the glass with vapor. The ability to sip the vapor on demand is not only cool but also was a hit during social gatherings, offering a unique and enjoyable experience.


The Omegatron provides a satisfying and controlled vapor sipping experience, making it a unique and enjoyable addition to any collection. While it might not be the primary choice for a vaporizer, it’s a great secondary option for social occasions or just for a change of pace. Priced effectively at $135 with the coupon, it offers good value for those interested in exploring vapor cups.