• Released Date 10/20/2023
  • Warranty 3 Years
  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Heating Method Hybrid
  • Oven Cap 0.3gr
  • Oven Mat Ceramic
  • Precise Temp Control Yes
  • Temp Range 104-410 °F
  • Heat up Time 20 Seconds
  • Body Material PEEK
  • Mouthpiece Material PEEK
  • Display Type LCD
  • Smartphone App Yes
  • Vibration Notifications Yes
  • Adjustable Airflow Yes
  • Battery Type Internal
  • Charge Time 1-2 Hours
  • Charger Type USB-C
  • Sessions Per Charge 6-9


Introducing the Venty, the latest innovation in portable dry herb vaporization from none other than industry pioneers, Storz & Bickel (S&B).

Founded by Jürgen Bickel and Markus Storz, S&B has been a titan in the vaporization sector since their inception. The company made waves with the iconic Volcano in 1998, a product that not only set the bar but became synonymous with quality vaporization. Interestingly, analytics indicate that roughly 23% of current users hadn’t even entered the world when the original Volcano made its debut!

Fast forward to 2014, S&B ventured into the realm of portability with the introduction of the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers. These models were later revamped into their “+” iterations in late 2019, alongside the launch of the advanced Volcano “Hybrid” version.

What sets S&B apart is their meticulous approach to innovation; they don’t rush product releases. Instead, they take time, often years, to perfect each new launch. This is one of the reasons the Venty has stirred such anticipation. It’s not just another product; it’s a comprehensive overhaul, embodying years of expertise and feedback.

Given Storz & Bickel’s history of delivering vaporizers, recognized for their quality, durability, and user-friendly interfaces, expectations are sky-high for the Venty. This anticipation is further intensified by its substantial investment of $450, indicative of its premium status.

For those eager to experience the Venty, it’s available for purchase here in our store (buy now).


The Venty’s got a solid build that’s a bit bigger than your usual phone or other vapes out there. It’s the kind of sturdy that feels good to hold and tells you it’s made to last.

They’ve used PEEK to make the Venty, and that’s some tough stuff! It’s the same material used in super demanding jobs like in hospitals, spaceships, and fancy electronics. So, you know they’re serious about it being strong and safe for us users.

Down at the bottom, you’ve got a clear LED screen with easy-to-use buttons, and inside, there’s a couple of big batteries that keep the Venty going for ages. Just a heads-up, though—you can’t swap these batteries out, but that’s the trade-off for having such a sleek vape.

Up top, that’s where the magic happens. The heating bit is tucked away in there, and they’ve kept those cool grooves from the older models. These aren’t just for show; they keep the heat off your fingers and help the whole thing stay cool, making your vaping session smooth and comfy from start to finish. It’s those little things that show they really get what we vapers need.

Heating Chamber

The Venty’s oven can pack about a 0.25g, just like the Crafty & Mighty, and here’s a cool part – it works with the same dosing capsules! These little capsules are game-changers; you pre-fill them with your herb, pop them in the vape, and you’re good to go. They make loading super easy and keep the chamber clean, which means less maintenance for you. Just think of them as tiny, pre-packed bowls ready whenever you are!

But, there’s a little twist. The Venty’s got a smaller lock, so your old Crafty & Mighty gear won’t fit. As for cleaning, it’s a breeze, especially if you’re using those dosing capsules, because they keep the gunk out of the chamber. And when it’s time for a deep clean, the material inside the chamber is designed to wipe clean easily, so you can get back to vaping in no time. These thoughtful touches really show Venty’s all about making vaping a smooth ride!

Hybrid Heating Method Convection/Conduction

The Venty nails it with a top-notch hybrid heating system, blending the best of conduction and convection heating. Here’s how it works: it starts with conduction, getting the heat right where it needs to be in the chamber. Then, as you take a draw, convection heat comes into play, pulling in hot air with each inhale.

This combo is what makes S&B’s portable vapes stand out. They’re known for heaters that pack a punch, and the Venty is no different. It means you get quick heating and a steady temp, which is perfect for pulling out all the good flavors and giving you an even, well-rounded vape every time.

So, the Venty’s keeping up with the family tradition, offering a smooth, tasty vaporizing experience that’s hard to beat. And that’s just one of the cool things it’s got going for it!

Cooling Unit

Now, let’s talk about something neat – the cooling unit or the mouthpiece! Good news, it pops open for cleaning. But between you and me, I’ve got a little secret: I hardly ever clean those bad boys on my S&B vapes. Why? Well, new ones are super affordable, costing less than $20 a piece. I just snag a fresh one every couple of months, and voilà – it’s like having a brand-new vape every time. No fuss, no muss!

But hey, if you love your things spick-and-span, no judgment here! You can absolutely give your cooling unit a thorough cleanup. Just grab a cleaning tool and get to it. You’ll have that cooling unit looking brand-spanking-new in no time. It’s all about vaping your way, right?

Keep your eyes peeled, because Vape-Smart will soon stock these nifty cooling units. So, whether you’re the ‘replace and go’ type like me or the meticulous cleaner, you’ll have easy access to keep your Venty in tip-top shape. It’s all about keeping the good times rolling with this “maintenance-free” wonder, just as we loved with the Crafty & Mighty!

Airflow Control

Guess what’s cool about the Venty? The mouthpiece, isn’t just your average component. It’s got a twistable straw design, sure, but the real kicker is the adjustable airflow.

We all know starting with vaping can be like learning to ride a bike — a bit shaky at first. But Venty’s got your back! With the airflow control, say goodbye to those teary-eyed coughing sessions.

Just twist that orange dial to find your comfort zone. Closed, one line, two lines, or three, to adjust the air that comes in. it’s all about finding what works for you.

It’s not just the flexibility; it’s the power it gives you over your vaping experience. Light inhalation or thick clouds, the Venty doesn’t judge; it just adjusts. And for those still finding their vaping legs, this feature is a godsend. It’s all about making sure you enjoy the ride, one breath at a time.

Draw Sensors with Flowmeter

Here’s something you didn’t see coming: the Venty is equipped with a “flowmeter,” a groundbreaking feature that’s all about personalizing your vaping experience. And guess what? You won’t find this tech in any other vaporizers out there.

Imagine you’re driving a car with cruise control. Just like the car adjusts its speed to keep it steady, the Venty’s flowmeter checks how much air you’re pulling and tweaks the heater on-the-fly. The goal? To keep your vape temperature just right, no matter how you inhale.

Whether you’re the type to take slow, chill sips or you’re all about that quick, deep draw, the Venty’s got you covered. While most dry herb vapes can leave you high and dry with restrictive draw speeds, the Venty invites you to vape your way. Fast, slow, in-between — this device doesn’t just keep up; it adapts.

It’s not just smart; it’s strong. The Venty pairs intelligence with power, offering a vape experience that’s not just customizable but also consistently satisfying. It’s like having a personal vape assistant that reads your mind, making real-time adjustments so every inhale is as good as you imagine. Now, if that’s not innovation, what is?

Interface Control

Jumpstarting your Venty session is a breeze: a swift press on the power button and it’s zero to ready in a flash. Watch the magic happen as the display shifts from red (heating) to green (good to go) in roughly 20 seconds.

And here’s a pro-tip: 370F is the golden start for newcomers—warm, welcoming, and oh-so-smooth.

But hey, the Venty’s all about personalizing your experience. See those up and down buttons? They’re your best buds to fine-tune your session. Want it a bit cooler or fancy cranking up the heat? A simple tap will get you right where you want to be. It’s like having a volume knob for your vape temperature, giving you control over how intense or mellow you want your vapor. Perfect for those just starting or seasoned pros looking for the ultimate sweet spot.

The quick heat-up is a dream come true for the impatient vaper in all of us, and the easy temp control means you’re always just a click away from vaping nirvana. New to the game? The Venty’s got your back with a recommended 370F start. For the veterans, those buttons are your ticket to explore and find your unique perfect temp. Vape on, friends!

Bluetooth & Web App Connection

The Venty offers straightforward Bluetooth connectivity, easily pairing with its companion web app. The process is intuitive, eliminating any hassle.

Once connected, the app grants you control over various features. You can establish a default temperature and engage boost or super-boost modes for increased heat—I find a +10F boost sufficient for a richer experience.

The app also provides access to more nuanced settings. You can adjust vibration alerts, manage power settings, modify LED brightness, monitor your usage history, and update firmware—a comprehensive suite of features to enhance your vaping session.

In essence, the Venty combines ease of use with a depth of customization. Its Bluetooth functionality and app integration mean you can adjust your experience to your liking, simply and efficiently.

Boost & Superboost Integrated mode

Ready to unlock the Venty’s vape session? With the Venty, it’s just a couple of clicks away with boost & superboost mode.

  1. Hit that side button twice to activate the boost mode,
    or give it four quick clicks for super-boost mode.
  2. You’ll know it’s working when the degrees indicator starts when you see the blink changes to:
  • Boost – Slow Pulse
  • Super boost – Rapid Pulse

Boost & Superboost Tips:

Here’s how I do it: I set my preferences, so I don’t have to fiddle with the +/- buttons anymore. I begin at a lower temp for that pure, crisp flavor, then engage the boost after a few minutes to squeeze out every bit of goodness. It’s all about sitting back and letting the Venty do its thing while you enjoy the ride!

Effortless Control, Enhanced Experience

This feature isn’t just convenient; it’s a game-changer. It allows you to customize your session without constant button-pressing, meaning you can relax and relish the experience. Whether you’re after gentle warmth or a potent hit, the Venty’s boost functions have you covered with simple, double-click control.

Flavor & Performance

When it comes to taste and getting the most out of your herbs, S&B vapes have set the bar high. But guess what? The Venty doesn’t just meet those standards; it skyrockets past them!

Every puff you take is a promise of excellence. The flavor? Impeccable. The extraction? Top-notch efficiency. What’s left in the chamber? Just the right kind of brown, crunchy residue — no unwanted green spots or worrisome signs of burning. It’s smooth sailing (or should I say, smooth vaping) all the way!

It’s clear that the Venty stands on the shoulders of giants, continuing S&B’s legacy of providing rich, flavorful experiences while taking efficiency to the next level. So, if you’re in the mood for a vape that delivers consistently amazing sessions, look no further. Venty’s got you covered, and then some!

What can be improved on the Venty

While the Venty scores high in most categories, there are a couple of aspects that might give you pause. Let’s break them down:

Size Matters?

First up, the Venty’s size. Its substantial frame might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially for vapers who prioritize discretion and portability. There’s no shortage of more compact vapes on the market, and I’ve reviewed plenty (check out the links below). However, the Venty’s size comes with its own set of perks:

  1. Ease of Use: The larger size means it’s more comfortable to grip and operate, even with gloves on or for those with larger hands.
  2. Enhanced Features: Remember the Crafty’s app reliance and the Mighty’s lack of Bluetooth? The Venty merges the best of both worlds with ample room for a display and onboard controls.
  3. Stay Cool: Smaller vapes can turn into little pocket furnaces, but the Venty’s size allows for effective heat dispersion. Even after several sessions, it stays cool to the touch.

So, is bigger better? It’s all about what suits your lifestyle and vaping preferences.

Premium Experience, Premium Price

Next, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the price. Yes, the Venty is a splurge. You can find decent alternatives for less, but they might not hit the high marks the Venty does in every category. What’s more, with its UL certification, the Venty stands out as a top-tier “medical-grade” option. These rigorous safety certifications don’t come cheap, and they offer you reassurance about the product’s quality and safety. If vaping is more than just a casual pastime for you and you’re financially comfortable, the investment is justified, in my book.

Bottom line

The Venty nails it across the board, boasting stellar build quality, efficiency, flavor, and overall performance. It’s like the Crafty and Mighty had a super-baby, blending their best features for an unbeatably smooth and reliable experience.

Newbies and veteran vapers alike will appreciate its simplicity coupled with potent performance. With features like adjustable airflow and the unique “flowmeter,” it’s a breeze to hit that vaping sweet spot, no matter your style.

And talk about durable! My Mighty has been a loyal travel buddy for years, surviving countless adventures and daily use with only a few battle scars to show. It’s a testament to the lasting quality you can expect from the Venty. Get it now (buy)