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G Pen Elite 2 Review

Review Summary

The G-Pen Elite 2 follows the widely successful original Elite, and keeps the same design aesthetic – but it’s been completely revamped under the hood. The Elite 2 features a fully colored TFT display, haptic feedback, a three-part zirconia mouthpiece (with a spiral ceramic airpath), patent-pending dual heating convection/conduction ceramic chamber, and a 2100mAh battery that charges via USB-C – all these contributing to what is probably the best vapor quality of any vaporizer in its class.
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Grenco Science has always been at the top of their game; creating great-looking, well-performing devices, packed with advanced features. To mark 10 years of the G-Pen, they’ve taken their popular 2016 release; the G-Pen Elite, and re-vamped and updated it as the G-Pen Elite 2.

The Elite 2 is looking to be a great follow-up to its predecessor and design-wise – follows the same minimalist and functional design aesthetic. It’s a sleek device with features rarely (or even never before ) seen on a vaporizer – boosting the user experience and vapor quality.

What does it come with?

G-Pen devices have pretty straightforward kits that have everything you need to start vaping. Each of their devices also comes with the brand’s signature Hemp hard case. The case is smell-proof, has a snug mold for your Elite 2, and a small pocket for your extras.

The G-Pen Elite 2’s kit comes with

  • G-Pen Elite 2 vaporizer
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Silicone Sleeve

The Silicone Sleeve

Much like any small vaporizer, the Elite 2 needs a little help with heat dissipation. The Elite runs two separate heating systems independently of each other, which is bound to make it quite uncomfortable to the touch – especially at high temperatures and successive sessions.

To augment this, the Elite 2 kit comes with a silicone sleeve to help isolate the heat and keep you comfortable. It’s also great for keeping the device free of any scratches and for easier handling and a much better grip.

Original Design, Made Better

The first Elite had an iconic design, with its well-proportioned, elongated form – it truly was one of the first ergonomic portables during its time. Grenco Science paid homage to that great look and made it even better by keeping the same device body and taking it to 2022 with advanced features and new materials.

Device Body: The G-Pen Elite 2 has a body constructed with zinc alloy and feels solid and robust in your hands. The zirconia mouthpiece and the reflective section where the screen is located – are definitely eye-catching, but don’t take anything away from the discretion of the device. Especially when you note that the entire thing is perfectly concealable in your hand.

Their most ergonomic device yet

There’s definitely a lot to be said about the functional direction of this device. It’s as if everything about the way that it’s designed is to teach you how to use it and use it best.

Take the buttons for example; on the side you’ll find a curved panel of tactile keys: the power/firing button and the +/- buttons below it. The fact that these buttons are placed and shaped in a descending order makes it much easier to make adjustments without having to really look (or mind) the keys.

The same principle applies to all the curves and dips throughout the Elite 2 – all seemingly guiding your hand towards the best way to handle and hold it. Case in point; the Air Intake holes (which double as a carb cap) are located in a dip that’s easily accessible by your thumb.

Device info, in Full Color

The G-Pen Elite 2’s got a whole host of stand-out features, and a lot of them have yet to be seen on other devices. Located on the rear bottom of the Elite 2 is a full-color TFT Display.

The TFT screen shows the current device status, operating temperature, and battery level. There’s also a settings menu that displays session durations, turn off/on convection boost, haptic feedback, toggle between C/F, and adjust the brightness. To really drive that commitment to discretion home, once the display is off -it completely disappears.

Just in case you’re not paying attention to the screen, there’s a small LED light located in front which blinks during heating and becomes solid when it’s good to go. The light sits at an angle that makes it perfectly visible when you’re looking down on it but isn’t too obvious from another angle. If the screen and the LED aren’t enough for you, the Elite 2 also features haptic feedback and vibrates once it’s ready to go.

Battery and USB-C Charging

The G-Pen Elite 2 is powered by a 2100mAh battery that charges via USB-C. It’ll last about 60 minutes of continuous use or about a whole day’s worth of sessions for the average user. If you do run out of juice, you won’t be without a vape for too long since it only takes 1 hour and a half to charge from empty. 

Zirconia Mouthpiece

Multi-Part mouthpieces might just become a new G-Pen signature. Their other 2022 release, the G-Pen Micro+ (plus), has a two-part mouthpiece. These multiple pieces are all made to improve, cool, and preserve the quality of the vapor right before it reaches your lips.

The mouthpiece is attached to the device via strong magnets hidden under the housing. While it does pop away from the body without much effort, it’s definitely secure. I wouldn’t worry at all about it accidentally coming off in your pocket or bag.

The mouthpiece assembly on the Elite 2 is comprised of three parts:

  • The Outer Zirconia Shell: Zirconia is a strong material with low thermal conductivity – which means it’s not going to get too warm, and it’s not going to just break either.
  • Inner silicone sleeve: This sleeve has a screen to filter particles, protect the zirconia helix encased inside, and keep heat from dissipating out towards the rest of the mouthpiece.
  • Zirconia helix: The helix is designed to effectively lengthen the vapor path, making the vapor cooler, and allowing you to really taste the flavors from your material.

Dual Heating Technology

The G-Pen Elite 2 has a lot going for it, but this feature definitely takes the cake. Dual-Heating is a patent-pending Grenco Science invention that we might even see in future releases. Dual Heating makes use of both conduction and convection heating – independently from each other.

Hybrid Heating (invented by Storz & Bickel) uses both these heating methods at the same time – so heat is coming into direct contact with the herb as well as through and around your material. Dual heating heats the material via conduction, and then a draw-activated convection system generates heated air from outside the oven and pulls it in the chamber as you draw. Since both heating systems work independently from each other, you may opt to 

Ceramic Oven & Vapor Quality

With a capacity of .25g to .5g, the Elite 2 definitely has a significantly sized chamber – and everything on this device is geared to make sure you get to savor all the active ingredients and terpenes in all of it. The heating element on the Elite 2 is made out of ceramic- which is a neutral material that not only retains heat well but also ensures the flavor is always pure.

The Elite 2 also features Grenco’s new patented clean air intake – which prevents the vapor from coming into contact with any of the device’s electronics or other parts.

Vapor Quality: Dual Heating is a new thing, but it would be great if it were on other vaporizers sooner. The resulting vapor is the best of both worlds; the density and weight of conduction, and the flavor and nuances of convection.

It’s not exactly as dense as the vapor on larger devices such as the Mighty+ or Solo 2, but it’s the best vapor quality in its class and the most impressive considering the device’s size.

Who is it For?

The G-Pen Elite 2 is for users who want top performance from a simple and straightforward vaporizer. The Elite 2’s long list of features and functions are surprising for an uber-portable vape, but it’s expected out of Grenco Science – who never fail to pack and squeeze the most out of any device.


  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Compatible with Dry Herb
  • Heating Method Hybrid
  • Oven Cap 0.5gr
  • Oven Mat Ceramic
  • Precise Temp Control Yes
  • Temp Range 200-420°F
  • Body Material Aluminum
  • Mouthpiece Material Zirconia
  • Display Type OLED
  • Vibration Notifications Yes
  • Battery Type Internal
  • Battery Cap 2100mAh
  • Charger Type USB-C

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