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The SLX grinder is one of the best in the business thanks to its ease of use and the fact that it is completely maintenance-free. You would think that there was no way for them to make it even better but you would be wrong. The SLX version 2.5 is here to show you that it is actually possible to improve on perfection.

So how is the SLX version 2.5 different from the original? Aside from having SLX v2.5 on the top, the updated grinder now has stronger magnets that meet the N38 standard. Basically, that means that the magnets used in the SLX are stronger and more secure than ever. So you never have to worry about accidental spillage of your herbs when using the SLX.

The grinding action is even smoother and more effortless than before. That is because the manufacturing specifications are now higher than ever with each piece being QC checked to make sure that they meet the high quality standards of SLX. The coating used in the SLX now has more exacting quality control in the categories of adhesion, hardness, and cure strength. All of those upgrades mean that the SLX grinder is better than ever.

SLX released the BFG 88 version in early 2021, which stands for “Big Fucking Grinder 88mm”. It’s very similar in design and function to the regular SLX (which comes in 51mm or 61mm sizes).The BFG88 is enormous, and I was able to fit over 5gr of dry herbs in there easily. It is super convenient to grind a large amount of herbs in one batch.


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