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Boundless Technology was established in 2016 with the goal of spreading aromatherapy awareness. Their herb, wax, oil, and hybrid vaporizers are known for having premium features, without costing a premium price.

Other than being sleek, and affordable – Boundless works to ensure that each of their devices contributes to a great session. Boundless often gets product ideas by speaking to customers on their personal preferences. They use forums and live streams to see where their customers are at. One of Boundless’ most notable devices is the Terp Pen – which is in response to customer desire for an incredibly discreet device that packs loads of power in a tiny pen body.

Most Boundless dry herb vaporizers have been “box-style” which is why their latest device, the Vexil – was quite surprising. The Vexil is slightly flat, with several raised angles throughout its body, and is made of metal.


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