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Zeus originated from Greek Mythology and he’s the strongest gods of all Olympians. As the name suggested, Zeus Arsenal provides cutting-edge products whether high-performance vaporizers or their line of innovative accessories. They wanted to create quality products fit for the gods while maintaining accessibility for mere mortals⁠—and that’s where the myth comes to life.

The Zeus Arc GT is their premium dry herb vaporizer that’s engineered in Germany. It has the precision and power to produce unmatched vapor. It has a gold heating chamber and gold vapor path packed with a 3500 mAh battery that can last for 2 hours of use. They made it for the actual needs of their customers together with the data they gathered in the community around them.

A high-quality vaporizer needs the right accessories to make the overall experience epic. They created the Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder that has the consistency to shred and cut your herbs while you’re on the go. They recently released a bigger version of it that’s capable of holding a large amount of herbs for longer sessions. Zeus Bolt XL is one of the finest grinders that is made out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum that can last a lifetime.

Everything they make is fueled by passion. Zeus Arsenal is not just a brand but a lifestyle. They eat, breathe, and dream of how they can make your next session even better.


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