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Utillian started their journey way back in 2014. It’s the year where they launched their first portable dry herb vaporizer, Utillian 420. The 420 has a one-button design, perfectly portable, and has 4 Pre-Set temperatures. Then, they eventually released an upgrade, Utillian 421, which improves the overall performance of the previous version.

Utillian never stopped finding the right spot to improve on their model; later, they released a compact version of the 421, Utillian 620. Utillian 620 features a unique convection helix heating technology, a heating method that efficiently allows users to produce vapor and maintain flavor while using less dry herb – this evidently shows how committed Utillian to their vision.

They also made Utillian 2 and Utillian 5 for extract vapers. With that being said, Utillian created a convection style vaporizer that is compatible with both dry herbs and extractsUtillian 722. 722 is a remarkable vaporizer, it has the same convection technology that 721 has, 4-preset temperatures to match your preference, boost mode that can heat up to 225°C for maximum extraction, and it’s a one-button vaporizer that fits perfectly with your palm. When it comes to style, technology, and performance—Utillian is the brand.


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